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Our focus

We design for multiple mediums, website design, graphic design, animation etc
Responsive Websites

Twist it, turn it, shrink it scale it, it all fits – That’s responsive design. Let us help you get on the grid with a useful & modern design.


We provide stunning visuals & video for stores, youTube, websites, exhibitions or TV. We can help drive your message home through inspiring and captivating story telling

“paper” Design

Not everything can be done with a tablet or mobile phone. We can setup and run your entire offline marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing

A pretty website means nothing if your customers can’t find you. We utilise social media marketing alongside SEO strategies and Google Adwords to build a complete campaign

What you need to know

A little bit about the awesomeness in store for you
Impossible is because you have not yet found the solution

We spend a good portion of our lives working, at Oxley we take this to heart, we enjoy our work and it gives us satisfaction knowing our clients are happy with the quality of the work produced. Whether it being an e-commerce website to as simple as designing a business card each unique project requires full dedication and eye for detail. We pride ourselves in offering some of the best designs in South Africa.

We also help our clients generate more sales through digital marketing whereby we utilise social media marketing to push forward their brand and that coupled with SEO to bring more visitors to the clients website. A step further in the right direction would be to utilise Google Adwords to control the traffic on your website and to help convert vistiors into customers.

  • Website Design

    Professional website for any device, anywhere and anytime

  • Animation

    Cool & inspiring animation for your website, store, exhibition, Youtube & TV

  • Graphic Design

    Yes, people still use paper. We supply you with all the designs you could want

  • Marketing

    Designs will sell you only so much, if people can't find you, your designs are useless

So you want to know us?

We are the dynamic duo, Bonnie & Clyde, Tango & Cash
Adrian White
The Hands
Lara Whybrow
The Brain

The Gossip

Our clients are cool and working with them is a lot o f fun, this is what they have to say:

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